40 Days & 40 Nights: A Journey to Health

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When that came to an end, Katie hoped to take it a step further, spending 40 solitary days and nights on the remote Shiant Isles, five miles south of Lewis. The artist was there for 16 days however when disaster struck and she hit her head on a rock, leading to concussion and a quick rescue from the coastguard.

She spent a night in Stornoway hospital, then a further impatient few days hoping to get back to the Shiant Islands to complete her castaway mission:.

For almost six weeks, Katie had no contact with the outside world. Being completely disconnected from technology and modern life was also an influence for Katie, who has struggled with mental health issues in the past:.

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Stress can also supress the immune system, which may be the basis of higher rates of colo-rectal cancer and breast cancer. Those are the long-term effects, but of course being sleep deprived affects you in the short term as well. The most obvious effect being tiredness. Failure to take in information correctly, failure to pick up on social signals and a loss of empathy are all symptoms.

Then the appropriate sorts of nutrition should be made available to night shift workers. Working nights can cause sustained levels of stress which can lead to cardiovascular disease and metabolic abnormalities such as type 2 diabetes Credit: Getty Images.

It makes us hungry and encourages us to reach for sugar and carbohydrates. All that sleep deprivation carries not just a health cost but an economic one too, according to Marco Hafner, a senior economist at the research institution Rand Europe. Are governments actually taking any notice in terms of making public policy?

Overriding your biological clock activates your stress axis which is how your body reacts in a fight-or-flight situation Credit: Getty Images.

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