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Data is a big buzzword in the health care field. Health care insurers contend with privacy issues, an ever-changing regulatory landscape, and mounds of data that need to be analyzed so they can make informed and quick decisions. In her internship, MBA student Natalie Basich helped one health care insurer update its financial model to include more accurate and more current data to review past performance and predict sales. What do consumers want? This study proposes a model for identifying unmet demand that separates out different consumer segments, enabling decision makers to address the preferences of consumers with an interest in the product category while minimizing the influence of those who would be unlikely to make a purchase.

By ranking and segmenting customers by their potential value to the company, the model allowed their territory-based sales team to share best practices and increase marketing efficiency. A new computation model weighs factors of cost and uncertainty—fuel costs, seasonal demand, and maintenance costs—to give businesses an optimal solution to energy efficiency.

The ability to make good decisions depends on a strong lineage—data lineage, that is. During her internship at a major consulting company, Master of Science in Information Systems graduate Mayuri Pardeshi helped a health care firm clean up its data warehouse from its disparate origins in various IT systems and through all its transformations on its way to analytics reports.

About Us. OnAnalytics Fall OnAnalytics Spring OnAnalytics Spring OnAnalytics , IBA's online magazine, is designed to communicate Kelley faculty research to a broad audience of business leaders, students, consultants, and other academics interested in analytics. And FOR leaders who know, want, and crave personal development.

FOR leaders who seek and appreciate relationships with other broad-based civic and organizational difference-makers. FOR those that want to know more because knowing more fuels doing more. Leadership Atlanta is an experience — an experience that is unique. An experience that is differentiated and educational; challenging and thought-provoking; memorable and enduring. Leadership Atlanta was designed with you in mind. A program, an experience, an environment FOR you.

Bringing ideas to life or connecting like-minded people now is just a call, email, or group text or two away. There are few experiences in my life that compare to my time with Leadership Atlanta. Having spent much of my life living in Atlanta, I saw the challenges that faced the city on a daily basis and wondered how I could best help with overcoming those challenges.

The knowledge I gained and the relationships I built through Leadership Atlanta are what have allowed me to make a positive difference not just in the City of Atlanta, but the state of Georgia and the entire country. I can say with certainty that I would not be where I am today without Leadership Atlanta, and I cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone looking to build a better city, a better career, and a better self.

In the midpart of your career, one can feel the world around them is stale. Leadership Atlanta opens your eyes to new ideas, fresh ways of thinking, and amazing new friendships. This is a life changing program with an exceedingly high ROI for the time invested. LEAD Atlanta presented me with the opportunity to learn more about the challenges facing Atlanta and presented opportunities to get more involved in serving our community.

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The collective experiences presented throughout the program from city leaders, peers, and alumni allowed for personal growth and leadership development. The chance to learn where, when, and how I can be effective in the Atlanta community is significant and will undoubtedly make me a stronger citizen. LEAD Atlanta allowed me the opportunity to further develop my leadership and service skills thus helping me to define the personal goals developed over previous years of service with multiple types of organizations.

I am confident in the experience that LEAD Atlanta provided, and am looking forward to the contributions of our alumni to the city of Atlanta. Among the many experiences and organizations in which I have been involved, Leadership Atlanta stands out as one of the most impactful and rewarding. My classmates - 80 amazing individuals who are diverse in background, race and career - provoked deep thinking and meaningful discussions. They have become some of my closest friends, and given our common passion for this city, we will have the opportunity to do great work here!

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If you have the opportunity to become part of this community, do so. The journey was amazing. Leadership Atlanta afforded me the opportunity to engage with a diverse group of leaders. The bonds I have forged with my classmates has had a significant impact on me both professionally and personally. My experience has helped me better understand the needs of the communities throughout Atlanta, and how I as a leader can contribute to those communities.

Most importantly, it gave me colleagues and partners who share my passion for and commitment to ensuring Atlanta remains a vibrant city to all its residents. The Leadership Atlanta experience is unique and impactful. I learned the most from the diverse backgrounds of my classmates -- who are now my close friends.

The professional commitment was significant, but what I received in return for the time invested cannot be easily quantified. In learning more about the challenges in our community and what is needed to move forward, I was inspired to give more of myself to helping others. In other words, I was inspired to lead. Bjay Pak, Leadership Atlanta U.

All of the exceptional things I heard and learned about the Leadership Atlanta program from reading and talking to alumni prior to applying, paled in comparison to the actual experience of the program itself. And, yet even the words I can think of to describe my experience still seem inadequate. What a gift it was to be a part of a group of exceptional leaders, learning together, challenging each other together , debating together , creating awareness together , growing together — all for the good of this community we love.

And it did - - but it was so much more. The full day seminars and tours offered deep dives into critical social and community issues, which included surprisingly frank and illuminating discussions with senior public officials and business and non-profit leaders.

Business Administration, Evening/Weekend Masters (EWMBA)

Further, from opening retreat, through study group sessions and community service projects, right up to the closing session, the Leadership Atlanta experience promotes an atmosphere that encourages honest dialogue, introspection and real understanding among participants. Every activity is designed to break down barriers and create lasting relationships with the hope that those bonds will be leveraged to better our city.

The Leadership Atlanta experience is difficult to describe. If you want to experience the thrill of parasailing, you have to make the leap yourself. Sitting on the boat and watching someone else go for it is not enough. The same is true of Leadership Atlanta.

Nonprofit Motivation Behavior and Satisfaction

I jumped into a life changing experience. The perspectives I gained by learning from others with very different viewpoints was invaluable. They will last a lifetime.

Social Intelligence and Leadership

When Leadership Atlanta ended, I felt like I did after my wedding. The ending of both experiences was very emotional. However, I realized after my wedding came a new way of life. My marriage was about to begin. The same is true for Leadership Atlanta. As a Leadership Atlanta alum, I am excited to remain engaged and to continue finding ways to strenghen our community. Leadership Atlanta was a much needed ground tilling experience for me that introduced me to my authentic self.

With this experience, I am better equipped to do the transformational work that God has ordained for me in Atlanta and beyond. From day one, I was exposed to the riveting real-life pillars of our community, which parallels the many complex issues of our society. In particular I found the richness and engagement of my classmates who had the strength to be so transparent and authentic as a gift that everyday fires my passion to lead and be the change agent of the future.

My participation in Leadership Atlanta was one of the most transformative events in my life. It exposed me to new issues, ideas, challenges, opportunities, and most importantly, people. My advice is to apply to join the program. Life is short. If there ever was a moment to follow your passion and do something that will matter to you and to our city, that time is now.

LEAD Atlanta was one of the most transformative experiences of my life.

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The organization exposed me to so many new communities, social issues, and areas in which to continue my personal development and growth. LEAD Atlanta introduced me not just to new people, but to new ways of experiencing the city of Atlanta and the world. I am so appreciative of the relationships, opportunities, and personal development that my LEAD experience continues to contribute to my life.

It is incredibly rare for me to go more than a day or two without speaking with one of my classmates. Imagine that you are a combat-tested, 32 year career-retired from active duty Soldier who rises to the rank of general - - you have seen it all. So you think!

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If you can imagine these things, then you can imagine how you, too, will feel after your experience in Leadership Atlanta. You can stay immersed for the rest of your life by serving on committees with teammates for future classes, or participating in CEO leadership seminars throughout Atlanta, or serving as a mentor for current Leadership Atlanta study groups or project groups.

Leadership Atlanta changes you.

Leaders are either ripening or rotting. Leadership Atlanta will keep your leadership ripe! Army Ret. As a transplant to Atlanta, Leadership Atlanta expanded my understanding of the issues facing our city and the historical underpinnings that created the challenges the city faces.

It enabled me to learn to be a better community advocate and to become a stronger leader in my personal and professional life and to have a better understanding of the community that I now call home. Prior to my LEAD Atlanta experience, I was unclear how the pieces of corporate and community leadership fit together in a meaningful way. The seeds planted during my class experience have taken root and blossomed exponentially over the course of 10 years through countless opportunities to collaborate with class members and alumni to further develop, grow, and positively impact our city.

LEAD Atlanta helped me develop one of my most significant networks. The experiences provided us the opportunity to learn about our city while thinking the through impact of solutions, the importance of collaboration, and how to lead well. The individuals from LEAD Atlanta go on to be influencers in their places of work and in our community.

Programs like this are essential to passing the baton to the next generation of leaders in our city.

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My Leadership Atlanta experience has been life-changing in so many ways. I was a bit of a skeptic when they said I would build friendships for life. Because of Leadership Atlanta, I have completely reengineered my view on work and life. And the friendships I have made will in fact last forever.